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Our African Project

village Working in collaboration with Culture Shock, Kerbside are sending containers of your recycled goods to the village of Manjai Kunda in The Gambia. These goods are then used to stimulate the local economy by setting people up in small, local businesses.

Recycled textiles have been used to set up a clothes shop in a country where Western clothes are in high demand. Videos and old televisions have also been used to start a local 'cinema', where people pay a small fee to watch films. More boxes of textiles have been used in order to provide initial funding for a small food plot and vegetable stall. All of these are great examples of how your unwanted items can make a big difference to other peoples' lives.

If you'd like to donate to the project there is a donation button on the front page of the Wash And Grow website, where you can send money through a Paypal account or with any major credit or debit card.