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The Environment

We all need to make some adjustments to our lifestyle in order to safeguard the environment for future generations. Whether you personally believe that climate-change is a man-made phenomenon or not there are plenty of reasons to reduce the amount of resources we use and the waste we produce. At best it's polite to leave some of these natural resources for others to use and not leave the planet in a mess; at worst, it may just save many many lives around the world.

Here are some hints for cutting down on waste. Check our Links page for more.


  • Look carefully at whether you can eat the food you'd get in supermarket two-for-one offers

  • If you normally drive to work alone, think about offering lifts to people at work who live near you

  • Energy-saving light bulbs in tandem with making sure you switch lights off when you leave a room can make significant savings in electricity bills

  • If you can reduce what you consume each step will save you a little money at least, and a whole load of little money means you've saved big money. And that's got to be worth thinking about.


  • If you're a keen gardener trays from pre-packed vegetables make ideal seed trays

  • Old computers are always in demand from charities and voluntary organisations and can be refurbished by a number of organisations, or upgraded rather than thrown away

  • Even if you can't re-use something yourself there may be people who can, so it may be worth listing your unwanted goods online. Ebay and other auction sites will have the added bonus af making you a little money, and Freecycle is well worth a try if you just want your items to find a new home.


    It's a sad fact of life that not everything rescued from the dustbin will be suitable for re-using and this is where we come in. Recycling your cans means that the energy used to extract and transport virgin metals can be saved. In the UK a significant proportion of the metal we use needs to be imported and can travel thousands of miles before getting anywhere near food or drink. As world demand for raw materials increases recycling the materials already in the country becomes even more economical.