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PAT Testing

If you're running a business you'll know that your equipment needs to be tested regularly for electrical safety. You'll also know that your equipment needs to prove it's worth over the course of many years.

We can help you to meet the legal requirement of having your equipment PAT tested and help keep your equipment running for longer. Minor repairs can be carried out to enable equipment to pass testing, and a re-test will not cost you anything. Our charges include rewiring of mains plugs where possible and replacement of incorrectly rated fuses. Where epuipment is fitted with faulty moulded mains plugs and rewiring is not possible replacement plugs can be fitted for a small charge.

Current charges are:
No. of items Charge (£)
1-20 30 set fee
21-49 1.35 per item
50-100 1.20 per item

For more information please use the form below and we'll be back in touch as soon as possible.